An Alternative Report of the Civil Society Organizations in Bangladesh-2016

Background Notes on the Report

The present report is submitted to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women by a coalition of civil society organizations in bangladesh who are members of international Land Coalition (iLC); (1) Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD), (2) Association for the Realization of basic Needs (ARbAN), (3) Community Development Association (CDA) and (4) Kapaeeng Foundation (KF). ALRD is the national networking organization of 220 CSos across bangladesh working on the issue of human rights, land rights and governance, agrarian reforms, democratic accountability & transparency, indigenous peoples’ rights and grassroots mobilizations. The 3 other sponsor organizations are equally wellknown civil society organizations in bangladesh with long track records of grassroots activism and mobilization. brief snapshots of all the 4 organizations are provided in the Annex - 1.  
The report is prepared against the backdrop of submission by bangladesh its 8thperiodic Report to the above-mentioned uN Committee which will be considered on 8 November 2016 at the 65th session of CEDAW at uN Geneva. The present report, hopefully, will occasion to provide a more complementary and presumably, comprehensive, picture on the state of the rights of women in bangladesh.

Objectives & scopes

As clarified above, the report is submitted in conjunction with the report of the Government of bangladesh and is expected to occasion a more complementary and comprehensive picture on the state of the rights of women in bangladesh beyond that is portrayed in the government’s report.

Kirti Nishan Chakma and Rowshan Jahan Moni