LEARN, SHARE AND BE INSPIRED: Learning from the Database of Good Practices - Diverse Tenure Systems

ILC’s Commitment 3 seeks to recognise and protect diverse tenure and production systems upon which people's livelihoods depend, including communal and customary tenure systems of smallholders, indigenous peoples, pastoralists, fisher folks and holders of overlapping, shifting and periodic rights to land and other natural resources. ILC’s Database of Good Practices provides concrete examples and guidance to Coalition members and partners on how to achieve this commitment. 

What processes, tools, and methods have ILC members successfully used to overcome some of the challenges they face in recognising and protecting diverse tenure and production systems? Learn about:

  • Establishment and strengthening of local institutions
  • Mapping and Land Registration
  • Knowledge and Information Management
  • Legal Assistance, Legal Empowerment, and Access to Justice

The case studies in this note are part of the ILC's database of Good Practices. Learn, share and be inspired!