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Young people– especially in rural areas – will have to live with the consequences of our land use decisions, but are often excluded from decision-making processes. We are committed to encouraging them to step into their power and challenge the status quo in their land rights struggles.


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In sub-Saharan Africa, fewer than 1 in 10 young people own a plot of land.

One in three adults owns land in the same region. The breakdown of youth with land rights is grimmer when accounting for gender. While women own less than 15% of the world's land, young women are less than half as likely as young men to own land by themselves.

The fight for youth land rights is complicated by the fact that rural youth -- and especially women – are often excluded from institutions that provide access to financial services, denying them credit, savings, and insurance.

Especially in rural areas, skill development opportunities, education, or resources such as land are scarcely accessible.

Supporting youth to make their voices heard can bring about lasting, long-term change. We work to empower and harness the potential of youth to lead a transformation towards people-centred land governance, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Youth fight for land rights

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Indigenous Youth resist land grabbing in Bangladesh

“Our ancestors have lives on this land for hundreds of years. If they have to leave again, where will they go?” - Reng Young Mro, Indigenous Activist

Global Land Forum Youth

In May 2022, Over 100 young people between 18 and 35 travelled Jordan from 35 countries to attend the first ever Global Land Forum Youth (GLFY).

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Youth movement emerges offering a pathway to climate solutions

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Youth and Leadership Programme

ILC seeks to empower and harness the potential of youth to bring about transformation towards people-centred land governance.

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Meet our 2023-2024 youth fellows

We are cultivating the next generation of leaders to build a vision from people-centred land governance, and to take action now for a more sustainable and just world.

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Global and regional initiatives

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Youth and Leadership Programme


GRUPO DE TRABAJO Liderazgo juvenil para la gobernanza de la tierra y los territorios


Securing the Future: Land Rights for Rural Youth

Youth and land governance

The Challenge of Youth Land Rights


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ILC youth at the Global Land Forum

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