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Our Team

Together, the global team facilitates the implementation of ILC's strategy by supporting ILC governing bodies, member-led platforms, mobilising resources, and promoting communication, knowledge sharing, and learning among members and partners. Although we work together as a team towards our mission, we are organised by clusters: Connect, Mobilise, Influence and Corporate.

  • alain.jpg

    Alain Christian Essimi Biloa

  • alessandro.jpg

    Alessandro Cimino

  • andita.jpg

    Andita Listyarini

  • angela.jpg

    Angela Arevalo

  • annalisa.jpg

    Annalisa Mauro

  • ashley.jpg

    Ashley von Anrep

  • audace.jpg

    Audace Kubwimana

  • buhle.jpg


  • carla.jpg

    Carla Donayre Oropeza

  • christopher.jpg

    Christopher Wedeman

  • clara.jpg

    Clara Lapeyre

  • tina.jpg

    Cristina Timponi Cambiaghi


  • david.jpg

    David Alejandro Rubio

  • dunia.jpg

    Dunia Mennella

  • Elisabetta.JPG

    Elisabetta Cangelosi

  • elisa.jpg

    Elisa Wiener

    Oficial de Programa | LAC

  • emilia.jpg

    Emilia Pontynen

  • eva.jpg

    Eva Hershaw

  • fabio.jpg

    Fabio Tarricone

  • fiorella.jpg

    Fiorella Puga