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Land inequality is at the heart of unequal societies

Worldwide, 1 billion people live in fear of losing their homes or land.

This is especially true for Indigenous Peoples, youth, rural women, and family farmers. Meanwhile, the largest 1 % of farms in the world operate more than 70 % of the world’s farmland and form the core of a highly wasteful and environmentally toxic corporate food system.

What happens when land is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few?

As the guarantor of biodiversity, health, resilience, and equitable and sustainable livelihoods, land inequality catalyses other inequality crises including wealth, power, gender, health, and environment. It is fundamentally linked to democratic decline, climate change, conflicts, global health security and pandemics, mass migration, unemployment, and intergenerational injustice.

By achieving people-centred land governance we can holistically address the systemic inequalities at the root of these global crises.

Land inequality is growing

Read about it in our report, Uneven Ground

Tackling the issue

With mould-breaking research confirming our grounds for concern, ILC members are working across all work areas to ensure the right to land for the men, women and communities living on and from the land.

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