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Why Land rights matter

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The Centrality of Land

Land provides us with the water, food, and natural resources that sustain all life.

It is the guarantor of biodiversity, health, resilience, and equitable and sustainable communities.

Whether or not we live from it directly or not, the fruits of our land are the building blocks of our collective future.

Who do you trust with our planet?

The most thriving places on earth belong to local communities, pastoralists, herders, and Indigenous Peoples.

Their traditional knowledge and communal know-how have the power to save ecosystems from destruction and restore forests, plains, and pastures.

We already have the tools to solve the most pressing issues of our time.

Who we are

ILC is the largest and most diverse coalition working on land rights in the world. Meet our network.








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When we shift power back to the people, seismic change is possible

Our Impact

Since 1995, we’ve worked towards one goal: land governance for and with people, responding to the needs and protecting the rights of those who live on and from the land. *Stats from 2019-24*


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