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Annual Reports & Independent Reviews

Take an inside look into the activities and achievements of ILC with our Annual Reports and external reviews. In them, you'll read about the impact and progress that's been made to securing land rights across the globe, with inspiring examples from our members. No report can ever do justice to all the work of the Coalition, but we hope it gives a good picture of what can be done - together.

Annual Report

2023 was a year to highlight the expertise and success of youth, women, family farmers, pastoralists and Indigenous Peoples. Our network wove stories, crafted campaigns, and built movements to ensure that people who live on and from the land were heard the loudest – especially in decision-making spaces – and that they remained in control of the territories and resources they depend on for survival.

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Annual Report

2022 has been a pivotal year for our network, as we jumped into our 2030 Strategy and were finally able to meet in person - after almost four years(!) - at the Dead Sea in Jordan for the GLOBAL LAND FORUM.

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Triennial Report

The achievements of ILC member-led platforms featured in this report are inspiring...

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Independent Reviews

A moment of reflection and in-depth analysis, where experts help us assess and measure progress towards expected results and provide recommendations to make small adjustments along the way. Because, there's always room for improvement.

2016-2021 Impact Assessment

Key findings from the Independent Evaluation of ILC's 2016-21 Strategy and ILC's Management Response


Keystone Accountability

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mid-term review

Key findings from the mid-term review of ILC's 2016-2021 Strategy.


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The ILC Secretariat Management's response to the 2018 mid-term review can be found here.

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Membership Surveys

ILC is committed to growing and learning so we can become better and more effective supporters of the work that our members do! As part of our efforts, we run a network-wide survey approximately every 3 years.

Keystone Surveys

2018 network survey report

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