Our story

In November 1995, over 1,000 representatives of civil society, governments, and multilateral institutions came together in Brussels, Belgium for a Conference on Hunger and Poverty. The conference participants, recognising the importance of equitable access to land for rural development, resolved to create an alliance of civil society and intergovernmental agencies:

The Popular Coalition to Eradicate Hunger and Poverty.

The conference called for urgent action to empower the rural poor by increasing their access to productive assets, especially land, water and common-property resources, and by strengthening their participation in decision-making processes at local, national, regional and international levels. In 2003, the Popular Coalition to Eradicate Hunger and Poverty was renamed:

The International Land Coalition (ILC)

In recognition of its strategic focus on land access issues. Since then, we have grown to a coalition of nearly 300 organisations. The shared vision of our members is that secure and equitable access to land – and control over land – reduces poverty and contributes to identity, dignity, and inclusion. ILC strives to overcome any practices in its operations or those of its members that perpetuate the marginalisation of any section of society, and in particular of women.