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Our food systems are broken. Land rights can transform them.

Industrial agricultural practices are responsible for 25-30% of total global emissions.

Large-scale and industrial agriculture costs the environment 3 trillion USD a year and causes massive deforestation, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, and soil depletion. The way our current food system works not only exacerbates our climate crisis, it also entrenches land inequality.

Across the globe, local farmers with their expertise are being squeezed out of their farmland. We found out that the largest 1% of farms operate more than 70% of farmland, while over 80% of smallholdings of less than two hectares are excluded from hugely profitable global food chains.


As small-scale and family farmers are squeezed off their land, corporate food chains treat people and food as commodities; as opposed to creating stability for farmers and encouraging cooperation.

Since land is one of the core elements of food systems - from production to waste management - building and supporting sustainable food systems requires examining who is in control of the land and territories where food is grown.

Don’t let #FoodGiants displace the true experts in their field.

Ultimately everyone's ability to feed themselves, to feed their families, their communities is determined by their access to resources and land.

Michael Fakhri, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food


Our top 5 solutions for sustainable food systems

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Human Rights Approach

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Rebalance power

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Transparency and accountability

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Protect access to commons

India women chili farmers


Recognise Indigenous Peoples territorial rights

A farmer transforms her local food system in South Africa

"I wanted to change the narrative and have them eat food that was grown organically." -Mokgadi Modiba

Tackling the issue

Explore the ways ILC's membership is leading food system transformations through sustainable, climate-healing, family farming practices

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#IFAD #2. Strong small-scale farming systems #Global

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#1. Secure tenure rights #2. Strong small-scale farming systems #Global #Family Farming


#2. Strong small-scale farming systems #Family Farming


#5. Secure territorial rights for indigenous peoples #10. Protection for land rights defenders #Global #3. Diverse tenure systems

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#Africa #Kenya #2. Strong small-scale farming systems

Sharing Abundance:

Recipes from Indigenous and Community Lands

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