ILC members revisit charter to ensure power shift

The ILC Charter was first approved in 2005. It was subsequently amended in 2009, 2013, 2017 and most recently in September 2023 by the Assembly of Members. 

The New ILC Charter rallies members together around the principles of mutual respect and understanding, holding each of them accountable to a universally adopted set of standards.  The document outlines critical pieces of information such as the Coalition’s origins and purpose and details its governance structure.  It continues to be a reference point and helps to navigate the way forward.

ILC’s new charter, approved in September 2023, enables four important shifts that the ILC Council has been working to introduce:

  1. Shifting power within ILC by formalising the leadership roles of People’s organisations in the Coalition
  2. Re-balancing representation on the Council in favour of People’s organisations and CSOs to reflect the evolving make-up of the coalition
  3. Ensure continuity in ILC Governance by staggering rotation of council members
  4. Improving accountability by increasing the frequency of ILC Assemblies

ILC Charter | Charte de L'ILC | La Carta de la ILC

( PDF 2.2 MB )